Being a wedding cinematographer has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and share with them such powerful moments. Bianca and Greg are exactly that kind of couple that wins you from the very beginning. We met them a few months ago when they reached us to cover their wedding. Although Greg is Greek, the couple lives in Miami and they wanted to celebrate their wedding in the magical island of Sifnos. And so it happened. Everything was so well organised and that day was filled with so much joy, laughter, enthusiasm and moments that we all will want to keep. Being part of a wedding like this has been an amazing experience. Bianca and Greg were planning their wedding for so long and when that day finally came, they sure lived it to the fullest.

Bianca and Greg, we cannot thank you enough for the opportunity that you gave us to be part of your most memorable day. It has been an honor to meet you and your wonderful families and hope that this video will make your memories last forever.